From The Director's Desk

When we help a child we change a whole life for the better. I have always wanted to work towards the welfare of children as I myself identify with the problems of the under-privileged children, their need for love and appreciation, their need of attention, their need for help and their need for opportunities of a possible bright and secure future. ‘ We have been running ground activities for over eight years now, in which we have reached out to street children, differently able children, village children, abandoned children and various other kinds of needy children. It has been a joyful experience to work with so many kids and to be able to help them.

We welcome you to be a part of this joyful experience by joining the ADAA family. You can contribute towards the cause of ADAA children by contributing either resources or by contributing your efforts and time..

"We should do what ever little good that we can, where ever we can and in what ever small ways that we can, and not wait for the big good, that we always intend to do, but never end up doing."

          - Navin Gulia
            Directing Worker

Navin Receiving - ‘National Role Model’ Award from the    President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam