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Fully sponsored kids - All expenses sponsored by ADAA

We keep coming across children who are very needy in terms of being severely challenged, abandoned by parents/guardians or orphaned. We sponsor all the costs of these children. We are in the process of setting up a much needed children's home for these children. In the meantime we arrange foster homes for such kids and bear all the cost for keeping them.


Sunny, born with only one arm and no functional legs,is son of a daily wage laborer. He is with ADAA for five years now and he has stood first in his class in all the five years scoring over 98% marks every time.



Geeta, a case of acute case of polio, cannot walk at all. Being from a remote village she couldn’t go to school. She has been with ADAA for five years now. She is pursuing higher studies through distance education.



Karan, is five year old. He lost his mother when he was three and his father abandoned him. ADAA is taking care of all his expenses and he is attending regular school.


Mominoor, is a 5 year old street child, who is deaf and mute by birth. ADAA is taking care of all his expenses and he is attending special school. After a few years of special training he will be able to join normal school.



Raja, is ten years old and partly mentally challenged. ADAA is taking care of all his expenses and special training. We intend to provide him the kind of care and guidance he would require to learn basics and be independent.




Rishabh is 10 years old. He was abandoned by his parents. We have already admitted him to a school and he is quickly catching up with other children. ADAA is taking care of all his expenses.



Anu lost her mother and abandoned by an alcoholic father, Anu, who is eight years is attending regular school in 4th grade. ADAA is taking care of all her expenses.